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Identifying unknown small outboard

I'm looking for help identifying a small air cooled jet drive outboard. The power head is a 3 or 3 1/2 hp Tecumseh (I think) 2 cycle. There is nothing on it to say who produced or sold it. The recoil was missing so I took one of an old 4 cycle, it fit and works fine. It runs very good. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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You may never get an answer to your question. I have a similar motor and it took me a good deal of research to finally come up with my best guess. I speculate that the origin of your motor and mine are the same.

I'd have to look through some parts catalogs and see if I can find another motor comparable to yours.

Check mine out and the discussion that followed on the international site.

I did a search on the patent number on the drive and this is what I found.
I might try it on our canoe to see how it works.
I got this motor, a small Viking and a 7 1/2 Westbend off a local scrap collector who stopped at my shop. He found them at the local dump and was going to cut them up for scrap aluminum.  
I opened a small auto repair shop in very rural BC and have 'inherited' a collecton of old small gas engines and old chain saws from locals. I was also given a Merc. 300 (35 hp?) that was in storage for 25 years. It has spark and compression, but I haven't tried to start it yet. I also have a complete V4, 2 cycle OMC inboard and leg that is supposedly from the 60's?
I have lots of projects to keep me busy this winter.


I can't find anything that exactly matches your motor. Would you please send me a better copy of the patent info you posted? Maybe I can find a clue from it.

wbeaton1 @

Patent link and a possibility

Here is the link to the patent site.

I wonder if our outboards are related to the one in the ad?
It looks like a Tecumseh engine, similar jet and the color is right.
I haven't been able to find any info on the company.

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According to Peter Hunn, The Aqua-Jet was built for a year years inthe mid-60's by Farrow Manufacturing in Elmore, Minnesota. It had a 5 hp Tecumseh powerhead.

The mid section doesn't match either of our motors.

It reminds me of a Cal-Jet outboard that I saw at a marina some years ago. The Cal-Jet had a blue lower unit that looks like yours.

I have yet to see a Cal-Jet, but I think you could be right. According to Peter hunn, some had crank starters like mine. Forum Index -> The Toolbox
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