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Viking 6 hp

I have a Viking 6 hp model # 64021

Who'se got one as well?  I recently had it unseized, but there were 2 little bolts left over from the guy who took it apart.  I put the head back on.  The 2 bolts are a little bigger than the head bolts.  I'll attach a picture of the only place I could find where they fit & what they're for.  Wud just like to know where they go if anyone knows.

Also, may need to get it honed as my mechanic said (just by pulling the chord) that it doesn't have enuf compression to start, but I'm gonna try anyway.

I appreciate all objective & positive feedback.

Here's my two cents.   They look like they may be used to bolt on a steering bracket assembly.  That's my guess.


to Chris re bolts

Ya, I think ur right Forum Index -> The Toolbox
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